It’s Sunday…and we are working

Normally we are closed on Sundays.  But sometimes there are exceptions.  Today is one of them.  CTY (Center for Talented Youth) Session 1 arrives on campus and the staff is here.  As a matter of fact we’ll be here until 4pm today to help them out with their supplies or any questions they may have about getting settled in.  After that..who knows.  Maybe I’ll use this day to catch up on some of the movies I’ve yet to see, such as Super 8 or Green Lantern.  Or since it’s suppose to be nice and sunny, maybe I’ll just find myself lounging around the yard with a cold drink in hand.  Either way…I won’t be doing any of those things until after 4pm.  So I guess the point I’m making is I’m here to help you until 4pm today.

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