Tuesday December 7 from 5PM to 7PM FIVE GUYS BURGERS AND FRIES will be here handing out lot’s of great goodies to anyone who’s at The SkidShop between 5pm and 7pm. Stop in and support the Skidmore Golf Team with their fundraiser…and hit some golf balls while you’re here.  Yeah..you read that right.  We’re hitting […]

Let us first state the obvious.  This guy is hot.  What makes him hot?  Well, we’d love to say it’s just him but in all honesty it’s the shirt.  The shirt gives him the edge that makes him hot.  We want to spread the wealth of hotness.  Come to The SkidShop Holiday Sale/Fashion Show on […]

So here’s the deal folks.  We want to give a couple of lucky Skidmore College individuals $250 towards their 2011 Spring textbooks.  Of course..we’re not just gonna GIVE you the money…..it’s gotta be fun.   So here’s what we have planned.  Scattered throughout the Skidmore College campus are QR codes with secret messages.  You will have […]

Remember last Tuesday how we had that buy a book, get another book of equal of less value for free deal?  Yeah, we admit….not our most popular promotion.   Apparently reading for fun isn’t as fun when you have to read a bunch of textbooks for class.  But this Tuesday is different.  This Tuesday we […]

Ooooo..there’s a mole amongst us!!!  So here are some details about whats happening December 8th.  Other than more fun than you can shake a stick at.  The good folks from Dining Services and Quandts will be providing a great spread of food from 8pm to 11pm.  We will have music from Quite Storm and Sime […]

Hi all.  So here’s the deal.  The SkidShop loves all of you very much.  It’s true.  We do.  And unconditionally too.  On December 8th we plan on throwing our annual Holiday Sale and Fashion Show all together in one big event.  This means you can spin the wheel and get up to 50% off of […]


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Save some serious dough on your art supplies on Wednesday October 27 and Thursday October 28 between 5pm and 7pm.  You’ll be able to save a whopping 30% off on your supplies.  Of course there will be a few exceptions.  But the savings will out weight the exceptions.  Trust me.  It’ll be worth it.

Max Londons is possibly one of the most popular restaurant destinations downtown.  There’s a reason for it.  Max London’s is possibly one of the top three most talented Chefs in the area.  He has a creative menu and goes out of his way to incorporate local farms into his menu.  One of his most popular […]

Being acknowledged as being the Best of The Capital Region is a pretty big thing considering there are hundreds of pizza places in our area.  But after days and days of pizza tastings from the people at The Times Union, Inferno Pizzeria came out on top.  Inferno Pizzeria has several location in the area, one […]

Hello Skidmore, This upcoming Thursday is the infamous Thank You Thursday.  It happens every first Thursday of the month.   It means you’ll get 15% off of most Skidmore merchandise in the store.  As an extra bonus, the Skidmore Shop will be open until 7pm that day as part of our new extended hours on Tuesday, […]

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