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Next Week….be here!!!

Tuesday December 7 from 5PM to 7PM
FIVE GUYS BURGERS AND FRIES will be here handing out lot’s of great goodies to anyone who’s at The SkidShop between 5pm and 7pm.
Stop in and support the Skidmore Golf Team with their fundraiser…and hit some golf balls while you’re here.  Yeah..you read that right.  We’re hitting golf balls in The SkidShop.
Buy a 32oz Nalgene and get a 16oz Nalgene for free!!  If my math is correct, which it is 83% of the time…….that’s 48 ounces of delicious liquids.

It’s our annual SkidShop Holiday Sale!!!
Get 20% off of most merchandise in the store…or spin the wheel for a chance to get 50% off of your purchase.  Be warned though..you could only get 10% off.
You could also win other great prizes throughout the day.  Stop in and see for yourself.  Plus there will be other fun things going on in store. But you’re gonna have to come in to find out.

We have a HUGE event scheduled at THE SPA.  Stop in for our annual SkidShop Fashion Show and $1,000 Apple product giveaway.  Everything starts at 7:00PM with the Fashion Show starting at 8ish featuring some of your fellow classmates and coworkers.  The $1,000 Apple product giveaway will start immediately after the show.  You MUST BE PRESENT at 8:30 to be a winner in our giveaway.  To sign up you’ll need to stop into The SkidShop on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 5:00PM to 7:00PM to enter.  Or click here.

We will have live music from Sime Gezus and Lift Every Voice.  DJ Kirsten and DJ George will be here to provide the evenings soundtrack.  Yours truly will be getting jiggy with it…..did I just give away my age by saying “getting jiggy with it”?  Do people still say this phrase?

FREE FOOD from 7pm to 11pm provided by the great folks over at Dining Services and Quandts.  I’ve got my fingers crossed for those little quiches.  WHAT?!  I like quiches.

And one last thing…we are collecting any kind of juice for SKIDMORE CARES.  Please stop in with your juice donation and drop it into our box located at the front of the store.

Hope to see all of you next week!!

Bob Carlton approves this message with two big thumbs up

Let us first state the obvious.  This guy is hot.  What makes him hot?  Well, we’d love to say it’s just him but in all honesty it’s the shirt.  The shirt gives him the edge that makes him hot.  We want to spread the wealth of hotness.  Come to The SkidShop Holiday Sale/Fashion Show on December 8th at 8PM in The Spa and you could possibly be one of the many lucky individuals who could nab one for free.

Seriously.  Hot!!

We are giving away $250 towards some lucky Skidmore students 2011 Spring textbooks. It could be you.

So here’s the deal folks.  We want to give a couple of lucky Skidmore College individuals $250 towards their 2011 Spring textbooks.  Of course..we’re not just gonna GIVE you the money…..it’s gotta be fun.   So here’s what we have planned.  Scattered throughout the Skidmore College campus are QR codes with secret messages.  You will have to scan these codes with your mobile device using a QR reader that you can download by clicking here .  Among all the codes, there are three special codes with special secret messages.  Collect all three special messages, bring them to textbook buyback to collect the final piece of the puzzle that will allow you to be entered into the contest. So incredibly easy.  Or is it?  Bwahahahaha!!!
We will draw the winning names on the first day of classes, January 24, and notify the winner via email as well as announcing through the on-line sources.

Start scanning!!!

Two t-shirts for the price of one.

Remember last Tuesday how we had that buy a book, get another book of equal of less value for free deal?  Yeah, we admit….not our most popular promotion.   Apparently reading for fun isn’t as fun when you have to read a bunch of textbooks for class.  But this Tuesday is different.  This Tuesday we will have a buy a t-shirt, get a second t-shirt of equal or less value for free when you shop the SkidShop between 5pm and 7pm on Tuesday night.  Yep.  You can load up on t-shirts for yourself or pick one up as a gift.  All t-shirts (except Under Armour shirts) are buy one get one free.  Pretty nice deal.  Right?

This is us leaking details about our December 8th event

Ooooo..there’s a mole amongst us!!!  So here are some details about whats happening December 8th.  Other than more fun than you can shake a stick at.  The good folks from Dining Services and Quandts will be providing a great spread of food from 8pm to 11pm.  We will have music from Quite Storm and Sime Gezus…and possibly someone else.  DJ Kirsten and George from the Full Metal Racket Show will be spinning tunes all night long…and I’m hearing rumors of break dancing.

Of course there are other great things planned for that night, but I don’t want to leak out all of the details.  Not yet, at least.

We’re planning on giving away $1000 worth of Apple products on December 8.

Hi all.  So here’s the deal.  The SkidShop loves all of you very much.  It’s true.  We do.  And unconditionally too.  On December 8th we plan on throwing our annual Holiday Sale and Fashion Show all together in one big event.  This means you can spin the wheel and get up to 50% off of your purchase.  It also means tons of little prizes.  Free food and of course, our fashion show.  DJ Kirsten will be spinning tunes as well as a few musical surprises.  Yeah….all of this on December 8th.  It starts at 9:15AM and ends at 10PM.

Now.  The $1000 Apple giveaway.  Here’s the deal.  In order to be a part of this $1000 giveaway, you’ll need to come into The Skidmore Shop on Tuesday/Wednesday or Thursday between 5pm and 7pm to enter.  No purchase necessary…though it would be nice, because I like my job and I got a kid to feed.  But all you have to do to enter is show up at The Skidshop and sign up during those hours.  You’re probably thinking…”A $1000 bucks?!?!?…how is that possible?  How do the cool people at The SkidShop do it?!?..and why?”.  Here’s the thing.  We do it because we love you, but we mentioned that already.  How we do it is a secret.  Let’s just say it involves lots of meetings and some begging.  But in the end it’s all worth it.  Stop into The SkidShop to enter the $1000 Apple giveaway.  All the cool kids are doing it.


Save some serious dough on your art supplies on Wednesday October 27 and Thursday October 28 between 5pm and 7pm.  You’ll be able to save a whopping 30% off on your supplies.  Of course there will be a few exceptions.  But the savings will out weight the exceptions.  Trust me.  It’ll be worth it.

Reminder for all of you…MAX LONDONS is coming to campus

Max Londons is possibly one of the most popular restaurant destinations downtown.  There’s a reason for it.  Max London’s is possibly one of the top three most talented Chefs in the area.  He has a creative menu and goes out of his way to incorporate local farms into his menu.  One of his most popular items on the menu is his pizzas.  He makes a great pizza.  And you can get one for free.  Just stop into The Skidmore Shop between 5pm and 7pm on Thursday October 14 and visit the good folks at Max Londons for your free pizza.  And if you’ve never been there…then this is your chance to to try them out.  Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

Local pizzeria will be handing out the Best of The Capital Region pizza tonight at The Skidmore Shop between 5PM to 7PM.

Being acknowledged as being the Best of The Capital Region is a pretty big thing considering there are hundreds of pizza places in our area.  But after days and days of pizza tastings from the people at The Times Union, Inferno Pizzeria came out on top.  Inferno Pizzeria has several location in the area, one being right here in Saratoga Springs.  They also have partnered with Skidmore to accept your Skidmore ID as a form of payment.  To help promote this as well as give all of you a little tasting of their menu, representatives from Inferno will be here today between 5PM and 7PM to dish out free food and hand out menus.  Stop in at The Skidmore Shop tonight between 5Pm and 7PM to check out Inferno Pizzeria.  While you are here you should stop into the Skidshop and check out some of the new Skidmore apparel.

Thank You Thursday is coming. Forrest too!!

Hello Skidmore,
This upcoming Thursday is the infamous Thank You Thursday.  It happens every first Thursday of the month.   It means you’ll get 15% off of most Skidmore merchandise in the store.  As an extra bonus, the Skidmore Shop will be open until 7pm that day as part of our new extended hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (9:15AM to 7PM).  That means two extra hours of saving money as well as the usual Skidmore Shop tomfoolery.   Join us for our after hours events.

We will also have our good friend Forrest here this Thursday.  Which means you’ll get an extra 10% off of clearance items.  If you are new to Skidmore, you should stop in and meet Forrest.  He’s a beautiful dog that loves giving out sloppy kisses……..along with the occasional dog fart.  Hey, it happens to all of us.

Life is good folks.  Stop in and see us.  Oh, and buy this shirt, you won’t be disappointed.