Just an FYI folks..you may want to start checking into The SkidShop using Foursquare.  Why do you ask?  Well the person who checks in the most has the distinct honor of being the mayor of The SkidShop.  That’s why.  Plus, who knows what kind of privileges you might get for being the mayor.

First off, I wanted to say I was pretty psyched to see this article in this weeks SkidNews about the Skidshop.  I mean…who doesn’t like to hear positive feedback?  Right?  So anyways…obviously it was nice to read this and it made my rainy/sleety/slippery Monday much better. Since I have you here, I also wanted to […]

Well if you plan on walking across the stage this spring..you’re gonna need a cap and gown.  Doesn’t matter how good you look in that suit you got at Bonobos in NYC.  You still need a cap and gown in order to walk across that stage and shake the hand of President Glotzbach.  Your order […]

Looking for that perfect gift for your honey bunny?  But you’re short on cash.  We have a great solution for you.  Tomorrow…and tomorrow only, anything in the SkidShop that is pink or red will be 25% off.  Jackets, shirts, pants, Jansport backpacks…you name it.  If it’s red or pink…you get 25% off.  Then take that […]

Okay Skidmore…here’s that event I was talking about earlier.  The Skidmore Shop is having a textbook sale.  This is a once in a lifetime event and an opportunity for you to get your last minute books before they go back.  This happens tomorrow (Thursday February 10) between 5pm and 7pm.  This means you can save […]

Remember when we asked all of you to sell back your textbooks to The SkidShop and in return we’d enter you into a drawing to win $250 towards your Spring textbooks?  Well we have two winners!! Congratulations to Netta Bob and Tom Sellers.  They each received $250 in cold hard cash to help them with […]

Sell back your textbooks to The SkidShop and you could win $250 towards your Spring Semester textbooks.  You have plenty of chances to sell us books.  You can come to The SkidShop or you can go to the D-Hall.  Choice is yours.  The hours are listed below.  We’ll buy back every book and you could […]

Hi everyone, It seems it’s that time of the year when we begin the process of buying back those textbooks.  Just bring them into The SkidShop with your student ID and we’ll give you top dollar for them. At The Skidmore Shop Friday December 10 9:15 – 4:30 Monday December 13 9:15 – 4:30 Tuesday […]

Come to The SkidShop tonight between 5pm and 7pm and challenge The Skidmore Golf Team.  If you beat the team you will win a free round of golf with three of your friends at Saratoga National. A great prize valued at $400.  But here’s the deal…..you have to beat The Skidmore Golf Team.  And I’m […]

Tuesday December 7 from 5PM to 7PM FIVE GUYS BURGERS AND FRIES will be here handing out lot’s of great goodies to anyone who’s at The SkidShop between 5pm and 7pm. Stop in and support the Skidmore Golf Team with their fundraiser…and hit some golf balls while you’re here.  Yeah..you read that right.  We’re hitting […]

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