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People often ask me what blogs I follow, or what training resources are out there – how do I keep up to date on email marketing trends? 

Brand standards and email marketing

Branding is a topic that is near and dear to the heart of all email marketers. Brand consistency builds awareness, trust, and loyalty among the audience; inconsistency can damage audience perceptions of the brand and undermine its strength.

Siri is your new email marketing assistant! …. or is she?

Smart phones can be incredibly powerful tools to help individuals with disabilities interact with and control the world around them. As email marketers, we can help those digital assistants do their job – and get our messages across – better.

Gmail iOS Update – what does that mean for email marketing?

If your audience is primarily accessing your emails through their mobile devices, it may be time to focus efforts on the mobile presentation and the Gmail-specific nuances of that platform.

Spam filters and common triggers

Spam filters stop your emails cold, and your recipients never get a chance to see them. Take a few minutes to refamiliarize yourself with the common triggers so that your emails get a helping hand in reaching your target audience.

Dynamic segmentation – why do it?

Dynamic segementation is a way to use campaign snapshots to improve the results of the campaign over time – if what you’re doing right now isn’t getting the results that you want, change something up!

Why are my links blue?

The default for hyperlinks has been blue, with underline, for nearly the entire history of the Internet. There are a few different stories, but this one is my favorite.

Text-to-Image Ratio

If you’re not careful in your email design, the graphics can overwhelm the content, and tip your message into spam folders.

Your email design should get an F!

How does the layout of your email line up with the way that recipients tend to read it?

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