If you’re not careful in your email design, the graphics can overwhelm the content, and tip your message into spam folders.

Latest recommendation is 80% text, 20% image

Latest recommendation is 80% text, 20% image

Email marketing relies heavily on compelling graphics to entice the recipient into action – click the button, make a gift, update your profile… But if that email never lands in mailboxes, all of your hard work doesn’t count for much in the larger scope of your email marketing strategy.

Here are some things to keep in mind about balancing your image-to-text ratio:

  • Most email clients block images as the default – your email design should be crafted so that images are complementary to the message, not integral.
  • Image heavy emails without much text raise a red flag to spam filters, particularly emails that consist of a single image. Experience shows that many spam email messages are graphic rather than text.
  • Mailchimp recommends an 80:20 text to image ratio. Most leading industry blogs are in agreement. What this means is that when you look at your email as a whole, 20% of it should be images, and 80% of it should be text.
  • The image ratio includes what is used in your email template – logos, social media icons, etc. Don’t forget to look at the wrapper as well as the content.
  • Look closely at that hero image – can it be scaled down and retain the effectiveness?
  • Are your CTA buttons images? If so, consider switching to HTML buttons instead.