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Changes to Facebook profiles and security settings

Facebook announced some changes and improvements to “make it easier to share posts, photos, tags and other content with exactly the people you want.”

For the users who have tried out Google+, you’ll see some familiar things – different profile settings (the “Everyone” setting will now be called “Public” for example) which are available in the page, as opposed to having to navigate through complicated profile menus.

Also included is more control over being tagged in photos – which will allow a user to approve or reject all tags before they are applied to a photo for visibility on your profile.

As with most changes on Facebook, this will likely be rolled out to groups of users over the next few days or so so.  Take a look at the original articles, and keep an eye out for the changes to appear in your Facebook pages sometime soon.

Original Articles

LinkedIn Privacy Changes

The internet is abuzz with LinkedIn’s privacy changes. Take a look at the Yahoo News! story on the changes and how you can get your privacy back.

https article

Webmonkey posted an interesting article on https vs. http.  The premise of the article is based around why https isn’t being used more broadly across the web. Sites pretty much run https for purchases and high-level information, but not so much for login pages. Those that do, like facebook, don’t force the https address–you have to make sure you type it in manually.

You may wonder why you should care. As long as you can log in, isn’t that the most important thing? You should care, because when you log in to any site and the address doesn’t start with https://, then it’s much easier for people to snag your user name and password.

Read the article: HTTPS Is More Secure, So Why Isn’t the Web Using It?

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