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Webmonkey posted an interesting article on https vs. http.  The premise of the article is based around why https isn’t being used more broadly across the web. Sites pretty much run https for purchases and high-level information, but not so much for login pages. Those that do, like facebook, don’t force the https address–you have to make sure you type it in manually.

You may wonder why you should care. As long as you can log in, isn’t that the most important thing? You should care, because when you log in to any site and the address doesn’t start with https://, then it’s much easier for people to snag your user name and password.

Read the article: HTTPS Is More Secure, So Why Isn’t the Web Using It?

Did You Know You Can Have Flash?

Well, it’s our second Did You Know. Last week we discussed the events calendar and a few of the changes within (like being able to edit your own events directly). This week we look at a way to add Flash to your site without having to know Flash.

Check out HR’s site. They can add new or remove old images to their rotating banner any time they want. All they need to do is get a photo, adjust it to the proper size, and upload it using a simple application (see image below). It’s quite simple and looks great.

Just contact Jenn or Liz to have it added to your site!

Flash Image Uploader

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