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In the beginning of our research project, when we chose our person to interview and learn about, I wanted to meet Karen Totino more out of curiosity than anything else. My family is one that strives to be a green as we possibly can: we don’t have central air, we compost, we grow organic food ect. Building green however, was not something I’d ever heard of before. Are there toxic chemicals in our walls? Our mattresses?

It seems naive of me, these days especially because I feel that (like Rachel Carson warns) we are living in a chemical soup. Even our food had chemicals in it, a thing that seems inconceivable when truly considered. Therefore when we went to talk with Karen I really wanted to know not just WHAT her eco products were made of but how they worked and most importantly where they were as a product on the market. Until then I had never heard of clay walls (though I did know about bamboo floors) or even organic cabinets and counter tops.

What speaking with Karen taught me foremost however was that organic is still a growing movement. The term organic shouldn’t even need to exist–everything should be natural and healthy– yet it does. I think that stores like Karen’s are helpful, but in the end it;s the minds of people that truly make the change, and their will that allows for things like the green movement to happen.

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