Dylan Barron ’20 Interns at Advanced Alternative Media

My name is Dylan and I am a part of Skidmore’s Class of 2020! At Skidmore, I am working to complete a Spanish major and minors in art history and arts administration. This summer I have had the opportunity to intern with a music management company, Advanced Alternative Media, in New York City. After interning at a music publishing company last summer, I was extremely excited to continue exploring the music industry, and Skidmore’s Summer Experience Funding gave me all the necessary tools to focus on this experience in order to learn as much as I could.

AAM works with songwriters, artists, producer, mixers, and engineers to help grow their careers by finding new artists for them to collaborate with, promoting new song releases, planning work-related travel, and much more. AAM’s clients have worked with a wide range of popular artists, from Khalid, Beck, The Jonas Brothers, and many more. At AAM I am able to learn about what it takes to manage an artist’s career, from before they are signed to a record label, to working on their first track, and securing high profile collaborations.

Working at a smaller company, I was able to jump right into many of my daily tasks. I write website posts and A&R flashes to be sent out to record labels about new song or album releases, update client biographies and discographies, update publishing splits, help arrange travel for clients, and pitch possible collaborations for AAM clients. Many of these tasks, such as updating biographies, discographies, and brainstorming possible collaborations, require me to do my own research. This has made working with AAM one of my most engaging work experiences yet, as I am able to think creatively. These tasks, along with my own research has allowed me to become a more informed individual about current events related to the music industry.

Working with AAM, has reaffirmed my desire to continue pursuing a career in the music industry. I enjoy being in a fast-paced environment, where everyone shares a passion for music. Every day is engaging, as I am able to be creative, while still learning more about the music side of the business industry. This combination of creativity and business is something that drew me to the music industry from the start, and I loved seeing these two aspects at work in AAM. Going into this experience, I think it’s most important to have an open mind and be willing to complete tasks as they come, as one day can be completely different from the next.

Skidmore’s Summer Experience Fund provided me with a way to more fully immerse myself in this learning experience. Thank you to the SEF and its donors for allowing me to tackle this experience!

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Emily D’Angelica ’20, Her Justice, New York, NY

My name is Emily D’Angelica (‘20) and I am a rising senior majoring in Spanish. This summer, I have had the pleasure to work at an organization called Her Justice as the Language Access Intern. Her Justice, located in downtown New York City,  is an organization that provides legal assistance and representation to those who identify as women who are living in situations of poverty in New York City. Her Justice also specializes in working with clients who have experienced domestic violence, which increases the urgency and vulnerability of their unique situations. With two dedicated legal teams and a network of volunteer lawyers from very reputable firms in the five boroughs, Her Justice primarily practices  in the fields of family/matrimonial and immigration law. 

My responsibilities at Her Justice as the Language Access intern revolve around their language access project, which seeks to increase the amount of accessible resources that the organization has for clients. I am currently working on a booklet that gives quick, accessible, and accurate information on the eligibility requirements and processes that Her Justice typically litigates in the field of immigration. Writing accessible documents is not an easy process, nor are the processes to obtain legal status in the United States. I have also aided in doing some translation work in Spanish. Additionally, every Thursday, the volunteer interns and many of the staff members in the office participate in client Intake. From 10am-1pm, Her Justice’s hotline is open for calls from people seeking legal help. The majority of the staff that work at Her Justice are bilingual in a range of different languages, so during helpline we take calls primarily in English and Spanish, but also have the ability to help callers that may speak French, Portuguese, and Hindi, among others. It is truly an inexplicable feeling to be able to help people get a step closer to the legal aid and representation that they deserve. 

To be working with an organization like Her Justice in today’s political climate has been both extremely difficult but also rewarding. It is difficult to know what the current presidential administration is doing in regards to immigration into the United States. This internship has given me a great amount of perspective on working within the legal system. It has showed how limiting and frustrating litigation can be, while at the same time has made me recognize its utility in easing daily traumas for many people. Furthermore, my experiences at Her Justice have helped reinforce to me the awe-inspiring resilience, resistance, and perseverance of the immigrant community. 

My internship at Her Justice would not have been possible without my award through the CDC and SGA. Her Justice and nonprofits similar to them are doing extremely important work, especially in the harsh political atmosphere given this presidential administrations autocratic policies.  Nonprofits like Her Justice often need many hands on deck to be able to do the work that they do, including interns, who they do not have the means to compensate. Through this summer experience grant, I have been able to get first-hand experience in language access, have been able to apply my studies to the real world while also being able to contribute, albeit through a short experience, to a greater movement of institutional change through Her Justice’s work.

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Noa Golan, Class of 2022, Saratoga DBA Marketing Internship

My name is Noa, and my internship was with the Saratoga Downtown Business Association. I am responsible for creating new and exciting content for their social media pages, attending and photographing DBA events, and updating locals as well as tourists about new DBA promotions, and about its members. One of the DBA’s main goals is to turn Saratoga from the “August Place to Be,” to an “exciting, culturally sophisticated, year-round destination”. It is made up of a group of volunteers, all coming together from the many local businesses and organizations of Saratoga. The focus is on not only creating a strong network of local business owners, and a strong sense of community among locals, but also to increase tourism year round to stimulate the local economy. Between their fundraisers, city-wide seasonal events such as the Victorian Streetwalk, and their efforts to consistently create new promotions, the DBA has helped Saratoga Springs thrive.

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Jon Greene – Class of 2018 – Tamarind Institute – Albuquerque, New Mexico

My name is Jon Greene and this is my first blog post. I am a studio art major who graduated from Skidmore in May. Since August, I have been participating in the Printer Training Program at Tamarind Institute. Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Tamarind is “a nonprofit center for fine art lithography that trains master printers and houses a professional collaborative studio for artists.” Tamarind is the only institution in the world that trains lithography in an educational format. It is credited for reviving the medium of lithography in the United States and around the world.

In the first four months of the program, the other seven students and I were directed to complete many rigorous projects that exposed us to the many processes and techniques of printing professional quality art with aluminum plates and Bavarian limestones. Concurrently, twice week, we attended a University of New Mexico arts business class, where we each created a three-year business plan for a lithography workshop. And, each weekday, one of us was assigned to work on the professional side of the workshop, assisting the master printer and her two apprentices in creating lithographs for professional artists.

Playing the roles of printer and artist, last semester we simulated collaborative printmaking in four collaborate projects. This semester brings this process to a new level. In the past three weeks, I have collaborated with two MFA students from the University of New Mexico. I have been given the challenge of introducing the processes without overwhelming them. I worked to translate each artist’s conceptual motivations to lithography, giving them tools and materials that would bode well with their studio practices. Additionally, in two weeks, a professional artist will be flying from the East Coast to work one of my peers and me. Instead of the business class, this semester, the PTP students are taking a fantastic art history course that focuses on printmaking.

This experience has already given me access to the supportive and close-knit Tamarind, lithography, and printmaking communities. Tamarind’s name alone will support my ventures in the future, and the connections I am in the process of making are priceless to me. I am learning in nine months what would have taken years apprenticing and working to obtain. In the years follows this program, I hope to apprentice at Tamarind, work in a professional shop, or get my MFA in printmaking.

Thank you to the Summer Experience Fund, the donors who support it, and the CDC for funding my attendance of this incredible program. And, thank you to Skidmore’s Art Department for directing me to Tamarind and preparing me for this experience. I will continue to provide updates in the final months of this program.


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Planning the International Symposium to Commemorate the 10 Year anniversary of the Rights of Nature in the Ecuadorean Constitution

I am Rafaela Iturralde’18, a recent graduate from Quito, Ecuador. I majored in International Affairs and Environmental Studies and focused both of my majors in my home country. As I mentioned on a previous blog post, for the past three years, I have been involved in the Rights of Nature movement due to its importance to my country. In 2008, Ecuador’s new Constitution included the idea of Sumak Kawsay (good living), which considered nature as subject to rights. This summer I interned at the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature, an international organization destined to promote and support the rights of nature in South America and around the world.

The end goal of my internship was the International Symposium to Commemorate the 10 Year anniversary of the Rights of Nature in the Ecuadorean Constitution. For this important event, our role as the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature was not only organizing the logistics of it, but we also had to complete an extensive mapping of the rights of nature cases around the world. After completing this, we had to contact all of the people that we found where involved in the movement and invite them to assist and present at the symposium. This entailed many national participants as well as well-known international rights of nature activists.

The journey of organization and planning was very long and tough but at the same time extremely rewarding when everything followed through and was successful. We had to organize everything, from plane tickets to ground transportation and even a retreat for the key people of the movement for after the symposium. I really enjoyed working with the GARN team. The office was located in the outskirts of Quito, the capital city of Ecuador. With huge windows, you could see the Andes mountains and some volcanoes on sunny days. I have to say, I was excited to go to work every day.

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