Gabrielle Pagnozzi-Schwam ’18 Interns for Sarah Megan Thomas

Interning with the award-winning producer, writer, and actress, Sarah Megan Thomas, at SMT Pictures in New York City this summer has been such a joy. I am incredibly grateful to Sarah for the experience that she has provided me. Working as her assistant acted as an opportunity to learn about the pre-production phase of producing a feature-length movie. As an aspiring businessperson and storyteller, I am so happy to have met Sarah. The tasks that she assigned to me were both relevant and interesting. I now know a great deal about video editing, creating a business pitch and fundraising. These assignments proved to be nothing but educational from the standpoints of both the business and creative sides of movie-making. As Sarah had explained, “You will be given an insider’s look into many aspects of the early stages of producing an independent film. The internship will provide a hands on experience that will prove helpful in any film-related courses you take in school or for your future career.” Not wrong in expressing this, I have learned an incredible amount from our time together.

The best part of this internship, however, has been attending industry events. At my interview with Sarah, I articulated my passion for networking. I told her that I became the Co-President of Skidmore Women in Business because I wanted to help other young women learn the importance of building lasting relationships.

Sarah has been more than generous in sharing her network with me. She has invited me to many events, all of which opened up doors to create further opportunities for myself and others. For example, at the New York City Council Launch Event for the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, my boss introduced me to Madeline Di Nonno and Mary Ellen Holden. These women are both powerhouse individuals in the entertainment and media industry. This meeting went well, and I will be working with the institute in the coming months to develop outreach strategies on college campuses for the organization. More specifically, we are going to bring Mary Ellen to campus in the spring for a talk on the Institute and their important work.

This internship would not have been possible without Skidmore Professor, Nicole Coady. It would also not have happened without the financial support of the Elizabeth Marie Glotzbach Film Industry Award. I am very thankful for my family and friends for being so supportive of this experience. Shout-out to Sunny Tran (interned at Scholastic), my partner in crime! May there be many more New York City and London adventures to come!


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