Arianna Cooper ’20 Interns with the Visionary Group

My name is Arianna Cooper and I am in the class of 2020 at Skidmore. I am majoring in Sociology and double minoring in Business and Media & Film Studies. This summer, I have been working as an Experiential Events and Production Intern at the Visionary Group, located in my hometown of Los Angeles, California. The Visionary Group, an experiential events and marketing agency, focuses on bringing brands to life through event production, marketing, design, and fabrication.

Especially since I am completely undecided on a career path, I wanted a summer internship to help me combine my interests with my professional strengths. I have previously had internships in the fields of both PR and social media marketing, but I wanted to learn more about the creative production side to marketing. While searching for creative marketing internships online, I found the Visionary Group’s job listing and instantly contacted Evelyn, my supervisor and the company’s Executive Assistant.

Throughout the summer, I have worked closely with Evelyn and all of the event producers during the coordination and planning process for events for clients such as Google, Facebook, Amazon Prime, Fandom, and Deadpool. While most employees at the Visionary Group focus on specific projects that their teams are assigned to, I get to work across different teams and gain a cohesive understanding of the different elements of experiential event production, marketing, and design. I work on sourcing venues, vendors, decor and I also sit in meetings to pitch ideas for the events. In addition, I work on creating branding decks, production kits, and creative decks.

Only a few weeks ago, my coworkers accepted a last minute project to produce an escape room for Facebook Live’s new show, Sacred Lies, at Comic Con in San Diego. Even though we are a small company and already had 6 events at Comic Con, I learned how anything is possible in the experiential production world. Not only did I help plan the escape room, but I was the first intern at the Visionary Group to be asked to assist on-site during the set up at Comic Con. I helped with everything from purchasing props to constructing the room itself, from the point that the lot was empty to there being a two-hour line to get into the escape room. Especially by seeing the renders our graphic designer made come to life, I was inspired by how creative concepts can be attainable. Also, seeing the crowds of people in line for the escape room for a show that has not been released yet demonstrated the effectiveness of creative marketing tactics.

I am so thankful for the Summer Experience fund for allowing me to pursue an unpaid internship in such a unique and exciting field. I look forward to working on more events over the next few weeks and will report back with more updates.

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