Anna Tiajoloff ’20 Interns for Time’s Up! and the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space

My name is Anna Tiajoloff and I am a member of the class of 2020. I am currently an Environmental Studies major and Studio Art minor. I live in New Jersey and intern with the environmental and activist organization Time’s Up and their Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space in the East Village, New York City.


I wanted my summer to be progressive, hands on and impactful. When I was searching for internships I stayed within the non-profit realm and fell upon this non-profit grassroots organization. I noticed its crossover between my two passions: the environment and the arts. I decided to send in my resume and cover letter, resulting in a telephone interview with the director, Bill DiPaola. After I secured my position, I began working on May 31stfour times per week from 11am-5pm.


Time’s Up is a small organization that is entirely volunteer, intern and community run. As a result, I worked and collaborated with a diverse group of individuals to promote the museum, external community events, community gardens and sustainable urban practices.  I spent a portion of my time in the community gardens, engaging with community members and local businesses with the same sustainable mission. I was able to learn how to maintain garden structures to ensure all subsets of the garden are accessible and functioning for the local gardeners.  Maintaining these relationships with the community has led to our 6thannual Film Festival screening to take place in the community gardens.  While promoting this event, I reached out to various sponsors, establishing relationships on the basis of clean water necessity and pollution reduction. While I am not a business major, I found myself developing new marketing and advertising skills to promote the museum’s events.


The Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space showcases the activist history of the East Village. I had the opportunity to work closely with my director on a new exhibition that opened earlier this summer. This exhibit is focused around government spying and undercovers within community groups. I aided with the curation and installation of the exhibition, taking up the majority of my first few weeks at the museum. I am currently curating and installing a new exhibit focused on Political Punk, opening August 2nd.


This internship has been just as hands-on as I had hoped and I have learned so much already. The most rewarding part of this internship has been bringing awareness about different issues to the public’s attention. I would advise other students to find an internship that is multidisciplinary because it gives you an opportunity to see different career fields and develop various skillsets. A great thanks and appreciation is extended to the Summer Funded Experience because they have given me the opportunity to intern here to learn not only useful career skills, but also important social and group work skills that I might not have learned elsewhere. I am excited to see where the last few weeks of my internship leads me this summer.

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