Anamaria Golemac ‘19 Vizion Sport Software Solution Startup, Spark Accelerator, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

About Vizion Sport Software Solution

Vizion is a start-up that aims at infiltrating the sport software industry by offering a superior product that will simplify the way clubs function. The sport industry is constantly expanding and the plateau phase doesn’t seem to be anywhere near. The technological advancements are expected to be one of the key drivers of the industry’s growth and team Vizion is thriving with talented individuals who are ready to take on these challenges. Vizion is here to revolutionise every part of the club management and coaching experience in order to offer a superior service and improve the overall results. We offer one product to replace the endless amounts of paperwork and inadequate data processing.

My work at Vizion Sport Software Solution StartUp

The “About Vizion Sport Software Solution” section above is actually one of the official description statements of the startup and was written by me. My work as a brand strategists included working on a 40pg official business plan that included future projections, coming up with mission and vision statements, elevator pitches and investor presentations, and of course practicing my own presentation of the same. This job has definitely been the one job where I got to put into practice almost all the aspects of my Business and Management studies at Skidmore College. Aside from that I got to exercise autonomy and dependence and I truly felt like my voice was being heard. I also did many applications to the different startup conferences and competitions around the world and I might be going to Istanbul in November to pitch our idea.

We also had an internal competition within Spark Digital Accelerator where we competed against the startups in our generation and ecosystem. We managed to land third place and won coworking space of choice and 500 BAM. It was a great day for us and it made us feel accomplished cause we entered our generation of startups two months later than everyone else and had to catch up quickly.We realized that our effort came to fruition and that hard work pays off. I thoroughly enjoyed working for the startup and with amazingly creative people around me. This experience led me to realize that work with startups greatly interests me and that this is something I could see myself doing full time. After graduation I believe I will pursue a career within digital startup ecosystems as I believe that is the future of economy.


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