Anna Tiajoloff ’20 Interns for Time’s Up Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space

Post #2 – Since I will be studying abroad in the fall, I have been asked to post more than once about my summer experience. As of the past two weeks, I focused on working on a

new exhibition about political punk music that opened on Sunday, August 5th. The building the museum rents as its storefront space is the famous C-squat, a hub of punk music. Therefore, as a 30thanniversary tribute to the Tompkins Square Park Riots, the museum has dedicated the new exhibition to the history and evolution of punk music and its impact on the East Village and its squats.

This past week prior to opening night has been dedicated to the installation of the exhibit in the museum. We had to individually remove each photograph previously on the wall before we could begin installing the new exhibit. This installation process has showed me the precision and patience necessary to complete such an exhaustive exhibition. I really enjoyed this process though because I found the repetitive actions relaxing.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have learned all of these real-life knowledge this summer, none of which would be possible without the support and contributions from the career development office and those involved with the internship funding.

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