Sophie Bray ’21 Interns with Mad Horse Theatre Company and Dirigo Talent Agency


For the second blog of my arts administration internship, I will be highlighting a film production I worked on with my supervisor Christine Marshall. The film is titled 1918. It will be premiered at Damnationland, a showcase of original short film works that redefine the classic thriller and horror categories. The film depicts the crisis of Spanish Influenza hitting America. It was directed by Jeremy Kasten and produced by Christine. I assisted Christine through every process of creating the film, from auditions to shooting.

I worked alongside many inspiring cast and crew members and I involved myself in the process as much as possible. I sent out call sheets to the cast and crew of 40 people, worked on wardrobe, set scenes, and anything else that I could assist with. I had the privilege of also playing a role in the film. This is a professional performance experience I had never had before. I quickly learned to adapt to what the director needed. There were moments where I was working as a production assistant and an actress at the same time (seen in the picture). Every day was different, challenging, and engaging.

I also had the advantage of traveling throughout the beautiful state of Maine. We were lucky enough to film at a classic New England farm in Berwick, Biddeford City Theatre, Alfred Parish Church, and the Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunk. All of these locations had the architecture of the time period. Although I was working long days, it went by fast due to all the tasks I was expected to perform! Through this experience I have learned that there are many job opportunities in the arts administration field. I continued updating the Dirigo Talent Agency website while I was working on the film. It was incredible to go through the process of signing actors/actresses to Dirigo Talent Agency, then working with them on sight with this particular short film production.

My summer internship experience has made me appreciate the unique work that Christine does in Maine. These passionate people opened my eyes to all the work that goes into creating pieces of art. My advice to Skidmore students who aspire to experience an arts administration internship as rewarding and educational as mine, is to choose something that inspires you creatively, especially if it’s something new to you. The job of an arts administrator is not easy and very fast pace. If you value the workers around you, it will make your experience extremely enjoyable. It is my goal to work with Christine past this internship.

I am, once again, very thankful for the funding from the Gilbert Family Endowment. This is experience would not be possible without them.

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