Joseph Hernandez’19 The Cee Suite LLC, Brooklyn NY Summer Analyst

My name is Joseph Hernandez and I am a Talent Management Analyst at a start-up company, The Cee Suite LLC in Brooklyn, NY. From Queens, I am a rising senior at Skidmore majoring in Management and Business. I am also the co-founder of ChangeAlong. A social enterprise that strives to break the cycle of poverty by paving the way to work, education, and financial capability for historically underrepresented youth across New York City.

I came into my internship unsure of the additional set of responsibilities that I may have being a part of a recent launched business. Aside from my overall analyst experience – trainings, networking events and opportunities for growth – I’m grateful I had the opportunity to be part of the developmental stages of a new company.

The Cee Suite partners with clients to determine their unique needs, create relevant and market-positioning recommendations and design high-impact solutions. In addition Cindy Joseph, the founder and managing partner of the company also works one-on-one with professionals seeking to navigate their career options and professional goals.

The first day at my internship, people in my team set up time to get to know me one on one. It was important to me that I be completely transparent about who I am so, when I was asked the question “tell me about you”, I conveyed how social impact is central to my life. My team has been genuinely supportive, offering feedback and connecting me with resources. Throughout the summer I learned how to maximize my own time and the time I have with my team by communicating my ideas concisely. Being new to the consulting and  coaching  industry, I learned about The Cee Suite’s highly personalized recruitment process and the company’s commitment to its diversity goals. This created a better version of me that will be present in my start-up work and back at Skidmore. My internship has made for a perfect summer where I am bringing my full self to the table.

In a sense, I have two jobs this summer. I am a Talent Management Summer Analyst at the start-up, The Cee Suite, LLC in a Brooklyn Heights WeWork office space. I am also the co-founder of a social impact start-up focused on teaching inclusive leadership in communities of need, which is launching its pilot program in the Dominican Republic this August. I came into my internship unsure of how my additional set of responsibilities would be received by my colleagues and thinking about whether, in the long term, it would be possible to balance my social impact work with a potential career at in Corporate America.

There is no doubt that the people I assist in Consulting are different than the ones I’ll be working with in my start up, but I approach both in the same way – I serve people to the best of my ability through hard work and passion.

Looking at the bigger picture, I am proud that the place I go to work (WeWork) is actively committed to social good, for example whether they’re supporting entrepreneurs, aspiring innovators, burgeoning startups or giving back to the community, this co-working company is changing the lives of people around the world for the better.


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