Ajna Kertesz I Budapest School and Hungarian National Gallery pt. 3

In this final blog post I thought to reflect on how I found these internships, what networks and relationships I have built while working at both places and what I intend to do in the future.

First, knowing that I was going home to Hungary for the summer, already restricted my options. As a Psychology major, I’ve always been more interested in social, behavioural or developmental aspects so I knew that I did not want to work in a hospital. This restricted my options quite a bit, but luckily, I already knew and have been following Budapest School ever since it was founded. As a huge Prezi fan and user I heard about the school when Prezi CEO, Peter Arvai, first initiated the idea. Now, I just had to apply, easy right? Even just the application process shows how unconventional and innovative this school is. The typeform website asked me to upload a video of me introducing myself and explaining why I want this internship. To be honest, because of this new formatI hesitated a little, and carefully picked the background and recorded the video a couple times before uploading. This was followed by an online interview and an acceptance letter a couple weeks later.I think the most important skills I learned at BPS is flexibility and the ability to quickly jump in to situations, solve conflicts between kids, react immediately if there’s a small accident or come up with a fun exercise to if something did not go as planned and we have  some extra time. I think I might consider working at such an inspiring, creative and fun place, Budapest School is.

Exploring Margaret Island with the kids on these special bike-cars

Finding my second internship was a little easier. As an Anthropology major I applied to all major Museums and Galleries in Budapest and I was asked for an interview in person at the National Gallery. So as soon as I got home, I went for the interview, where I was asked typical interview questions from three employers who work in the marketing and communications departments of the Gallery. This job was more similar to a traditional workplace, where new employees receive a training, so I had to memorize the gallery’s policy, its rules and then fill out quizzes to show my knowledge. From here, my biggest takeaway was customer care and service. I’ve learned that the visitor is always right and I also acquired some skills on how to calm them down or explain something they are angry about. Yet, analysing the guestbooks was my favourite part of this job, and this is something I can definitely see myself doing in the future.

Screen shot of the processed entries of a guestbook

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