Noa Golan, Class of 2022, Saratoga DBA Marketing Internship

My name is Noa, and my internship was with the Saratoga Downtown Business Association. I am responsible for creating new and exciting content for their social media pages, attending and photographing DBA events, and updating locals as well as tourists about new DBA promotions, and about its members. One of the DBA’s main goals is to turn Saratoga from the “August Place to Be,” to an “exciting, culturally sophisticated, year-round destination”. It is made up of a group of volunteers, all coming together from the many local businesses and organizations of Saratoga. The focus is on not only creating a strong network of local business owners, and a strong sense of community among locals, but also to increase tourism year round to stimulate the local economy. Between their fundraisers, city-wide seasonal events such as the Victorian Streetwalk, and their efforts to consistently create new promotions, the DBA has helped Saratoga Springs thrive.

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