Morgan Grady ’20, Internship with Boston Children’s Hospital

My name is Morgan Grady and I am a rising senior from Brookfield Connecticut, double majoring in both Psychology and Sociology. Since freshmen year, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career that involved helping children who suffer from mental illness, as well as, helping their families cope. During winter break last year, I interviewed with the Director of Social Work at Boston Children’s and accepted a summer internship with the Social Work team. My experience has been truly eye-opening, as I see what an essential role the social workers play in providing care and emotional support to children and families who are going through unthinkable hardship. I have been welcomed with nothing but opened arms into this amazing community at Boston Children’s Hospital.

My responsibilities ranged from handling big projects with doctors and social workers, to helping the department with employee records and internal website changes. Some of my projects included: creating visuals for a group therapy session involving adolescents suffering from mental illness, helping GI social workers prepare referral lists for patients from the Boston and New York area, helping create better transportation for patients with disabilities through an MBTA project and many more. Not only was I able to participate in these hands-on projects, but I also was fortunate enough to meet and spend the day with social workers from a variety of different departments who were eager to give me guidance about graduate schools, a possible career path and what my future may look like after I graduate from Skidmore College. I also was able to hear about their academic and professional journeys, and what ultimately brought them to Boston Children’s Hospital. A wealth of information that encompassed everything from should I pursue a Masters Degree or a PhD, to if I wanted to work at a hospital or a private practice.

This internship experience has enlightened me on so many levels and has taught me many life lessons. I have gained a new perspective on life and dependency, going from living in a small town in Connecticut, moving away to college and now learning how to live in a busy city on my own. The Boston Children’s Hospital community has reassured me that I am on the correct career path for my future. Seeing sick children smile as they walk up the hospital’s musical stairs or running in front of the interactive screen in the lobby, albeit small, makes a huge difference in a sick child’s life and has made me appreciate life so much more. I know this career path will be emotionally challenging but if I can make a difference or lighten the burden for a child or their family it will be so incredibly rewarding.

I am beyond excited to use what I have learned this summer and incorporate it into my last year at Skidmore College and would like to thank Skidmore’s Summer Experience Fund for supporting me this summer by allowing me to grow into a more kind, aware and independent person who has found her true passion.

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