Lila Dittersdorf ’20 La Ligne NYC Internship


My name is Lila Dittersdorf ‘20 and I’m a studio art major with a concentration in fibers. This summer I am interning at La Ligne for my second time. La Ligne is a small, but quickly growing, direct-to-consumer women’s clothing company. They focus on essential clothing for women, but the everything in the collection must have a stripe or a line on it. The company opened a little over three years ago and started with a small collection, sold online exclusively. This May, they opened their first brick and mortar store on the Upper East Side. Since I worked with the company both this summer and last summer, I’ve been able to watch and help the company grow into the extremely successful one that they have become.

I work with the entire team of 11 people on whatever they need, but I have also been able to focus in on the specific aspects that I enjoy. I work closely with the design team to assist with design tasks. I often make runs to the factories and suppliers. I’ve done things like steam tests of fabric to see if it shrinks with ironing, cut patterns, and create possible stripe layouts for future pieces. I also work with the new Head of Digital Marketing as she wants to push forward all of our social media platforms this year. Three of the interns created strategies for Facebook, Pinterest, and Linkedin. I am working on Facebook. I researched lots of brands’ activity on the platform and created a strategy for our posting. I made a schedule, and a visual strategy and presented it to one of the founders. A side from my daily tasks, I also am able to do some more hands on jobs. I’ve helped with things at the store like events and photoshoots. I also worked on a project where I painted custom monograms onto bags for influencer gifting.

Throughout my two summers at La Ligne, I’ve been able to determine which part of the fashion industry I want to end up working in. I’ve enjoyed being able to work with every person at the company to see what each job entails. I found this internship by emailing their general contact email. When I was looking for internships last year, I noticed that the kinds of places I was interested in working, did not post jobs or internships online. So instead of applying, I emailed a large list of companies and expressed my interest in interning and helping them during the summer. La Ligne was one of the few that I heard back from and from there I talked to one of the founders and we set a start date. Around Thanksgiving, I thought I’d reach again about coming back for the summer. We talked again and now I’m back with La Ligne for another summer. I’m so glad I came back because I was able to dive deeper in projects and curate my experience more than I did last summer. I’ve loved watching the company grow and am excited to see what they do in the future.

The experience allowed me to use some of my practical art, graphic, and fibers skills that I use for my major at Skidmore. It also let me work on projects I don’t always get to experience when I’m studying at school. I’m excited to come back to Skidmore and see how I can use what I’ve learned at La Ligne during my classes.

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