Emily Favreau, 2021: Apple Therapy Milford, NH

My name is Emily, I am a rising junior, and I am an exercise science major. This summer I interned at Apple Therapy, an outpatient physical therapy office, in Milford NH. Before I started at Apple Therapy my job description stated I would work as an aid and off and on as an office assistant. As soon as I got there, I was asked to clean tables, equipment and instruments. Once and a while I was asked to set something up or put some papers away. I expected a summer focused on observing and learning from a distance. As the days went on, the therapists gave me more responsibilities. I began to set up more equipment, began to demonstrate exercises, and began to get to know the patients. I guided some of the children through their exercises and I started working in the office. I learned more about how insurance plays its role in health care and how this company organizes their paperwork. My summer became much more interesting. I met very fascinating people, experienced what it’s like to work in a physical therapy office, and learned a lot about teaching and motivating people to exercise. I expected to be more of a background figure but that didn’t happen. The patients knew me by name, I knew what exercises they started with, and I felt like I was a part of the office.

My experience showed me much more than I expected. I knew I wanted to go into physical therapy, and my experience here showed me that I really want to work with children. I often worked with the children in the office and I really connected with them and was able to motivate them by making it fun and getting to know them. If you are looking to become an intern somewhere don’t be afraid to ask for that opportunity. Participating in a funded internship like this one increases your chances of gaining that opportunity. Small companies don’t always have the funding to pay you. This scholarship allowed Apple Therapy to give me more hours which allowed me extra time to learn and experience more this summer. I am so grateful for this opportunity and would recommend that anyone looking for experience or trying to figure out their path apply for this scholarship.


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