Ryan Accardi ’20 Interning at Eusonia Studios in New York City and Focusing on Music Technology

^^Here’s me and my parents when they came to visit me in New York from Boston^^

Hello! My name is Ryan Accardi and I am a rising senior majoring in English Creative Writing and focusing my studies on sound design, audio engineering, acoustics, and music production. I’ve had several opportunities over the past 6 or 7 years, both through my own projects and other internships, to spend a lot of time in various recording studios in New York City and around the northeast, but this summer was especially exciting as I worked for Grammy Award Winning Writer and Producer Scott Jacoby (Skidmore class of ‘93) at his own Eusonia Studios. There are only two full time employees of Scott’s studio, a somewhat recent college graduate and Scott himself, so I was really able to take advantage of every opportunity to learn from both Scott and his assistant Zach. Unlike many internships, my experience wasn’t really dictated by any sort of program or set of responsibilities. Rather, I was invited to observe, question, and most importantly participate in whatever studio related work had to be done that week. I play a bunch of instruments, with piano, guitar, and bass being my favorites, and I was able to not only help write parts for those instruments but also record them on songs for various clients. 

^^This is Scott Jacoby’s very cool and very iconic looking “blue piano” with Eusonia decals^^

There were a variety of types of days that I would encounter throughout my weeks at Eusonia. The first would be what I’d call a “remote day,” in which we would tend to ongoing projects like mixing a client’s record based on whatever revisionary notes they had sent the day before. The second type of day would be the “writing day,” where we would have a client come into the studio with plans to sit down with Scott and write a song. These were some of my favorite days because I love to write music and have been since I was a little kid, so I got to make a lot of contributions large and small to the songs. Finally the last type of day would be the “tracking day,” where client present or not it would be our responsibility to record additional instruments onto their song, either at their request or at our creative liberty. The characteristics of these days would often bleed into one another on any given day, but I believe these do a pretty good job summarizing the bulk of the work we did throughout the summer.


^^This shot was taken when Scott and I pulled a piece of his analog gear out of the rack mount for closer inspection^^


I plan to pursue a career in music technology, audio engineering/mixing/production, and music composition, so there couldn’t have been a more ideal internship for me this summer. With all of the hands-on experiences put aside, the most valuable thing I obtained this summer was a relationship with such a wonderful boss, Scott Jacoby, who had such an undying passion not only for his work, but also for teaching about his process. Scott has an incredible sense of humor and was an absolute joy to work for this summer. I am constantly impressed with the depth of his knowledge, and the consistency of his personal philosophies, so I truly feel like the luckiest kid in the world! This coming year at Skidmore, I’ll be continuing my position as the Studio Tech Assistant at the Grossman Recording Studio in the Zankel Music Center, assisting students taking the “Music Technology” courses that Skidmore offers. I will also be working as the recording room director of Skidmore’s WSPN radio station, where I will be recording the PSAs you hear on the radio, recording and mixing all of the “WSPN presents” videos, and spearheading the first year of programming for the stations all new “recording room” outfitted with studio equipment and ready to record. I am forever grateful to the Skidmore Summer Experience Fund for allowing all of us this incredible opportunity. A special thank you to all of the donors who make this possible, you’ve given me the best summer I could have ever asked for.

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