Tshering yoezer, 2021, KARMA STEEL INTERNSHIP – Phuntsholing Bhutan.

My name is Yoezer, class of 2021 and I was an intern at Karma Steel in Phuntsholing, Bhutan. I am currently majoring in Economics with a minor in statistics. 

In the Initial stages of my internship, I had to first venture going to factories to understand the process of how steel products were made, as it was a necessity to build a good base of how the industry functioned on a micro level. Following that I gradually transitioned into meetings and working under different heads of department such as the head of finance, production managers and the CEO to broaden my understanding of how they worked purpose of the appointments with designations of different levels was to refine the thought process and to understand the tactics used.

 As mentioned earlier, Bhutan has succeeded in maintaining a forest coverage of 72 percent and stands as the only carbon negative country in the world. As one of the youngest interns, my responsibilities started with ethical values such as respecting my seniors and familiarizing to the work atmosphere. In the months of July and August, I was tasked to work with a team of five to assist two employees on a tender (proposal) for supplying iron rods for the construction of two hydro power dams one in “Chukha district” and the other in “Punakha”. Bhutan is currently working on unleashing 50% of its clean energy as it has the potential to sequester 50 million tons of carbon dioxide. 

Over all, it was an enriching experience. One of the highlights of the internship was when all interns were included in an executive meeting discussion  and analysis week with the chief officer for climate change division of Bhutan, Mr. Thinley Namgyel. The board exposed us to future plans of the company to under take green tax to uphold our country’s environmental values along with merging with two competitors under the government supervision to monitor and reduce pollution. 

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