Ted Roach ’20 Intern with MyCity Brew

My name is Ted Roach, I am a rising Senior at Skidmore from Buffalo, New York. I am a Business Management major with a minor in Honors Forum. I play on the Men’s Soccer team and am a member of the Skidmore Investment Club. This summer I was blessed to be able to return home and intern for a fellow Skidmore College graduate, Jonah Epstein ‘16. After graduating from Skidmore, Jonah (who played on the Men’s Tennis Team), with help from funding from Skidmore’s Kenneth A. Freirich Business Plan Competition and a successful Kickstarter campaign, launched his own beer company called MyCity Brew.

MyCity Brew, while only selling one beer, embodies the entire city of Buffalo through its signature beverage, the “Byson Brown Dunkel.” The reason this beer is so special is because it was made for Buffalo, by Buffalo. After more than a year of taste testing and collecting upwards of 10,000 votes on a variety of different beers, the people of Buffalo chose the Byson Brown as the beer that best represents the taste and culture of our beloved city.

Still early in its start-up stage, MyCity Brew only began making sales in May. Jonah and I were essentially a two man team for two months, finding new bars and restaurants to buy the beer, creating a buzz on social media surrounding the brand, frequenting beer festivals, as well as hosting tasting events throughout the greater Buffalo area. I helped revamp the MyCity Brew website, and relaunched our Ambassador Program. Taking what I learned from Digital Foundations, a graphic design summer course I took at Skidmore in June, I also helped create creative content through various Adobe Suite applications.

Ironically, Jonah and I attended the same high school in Buffalo as well, Nichols School, but we never crossed paths prior to this summer, as he was always four years ahead of me. Teaming up with a fellow Nichols and Skidmore alum was beyond awesome and collaboration between the two of us came quite naturally.

Skidmore’s Summer Experience Funding allowed for me to return home to Buffalo, my favorite place in the world (despite what most say about it), and rather than working a menial service job as I have done for many summers, allowed me to pursue a genuine career path. Because MyCity Brew is still a budding start up business, there would have been no way for Jonah to compensate me for the work I completed this summer. SEF not only allowed for me to earn a wage to support my daily finances, but also alleviated the cost for Jonah to hire a paid intern. I hope that one day after I am years removed from Skidmore that I can donate to the CDC to further fund this unique and amazing program.

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