Aaron Banwer ’22 Intern for Sitar, Vet Clinic, Medical Office, NY

Hi, my name is Aaron Banwer (’22). I am a Biology major on the pre-med track. This summer, I was able to secure three separate experiences that allowed me to follow my passion for both music and medicine.

While taking summer classes at Skidmore, it was my privilege to collaborate with Professor Veena Chandra in transcribing the Indian music notation system to western standards and digitally composing it for Sitar pieces. The pieces that I computerized will be used to help future Skidmore students with Sitar lessons and help Professor Chandra in compiling her life’s work. Not only did I learn Sitar and music, but the culture behind it as well. I would often spend the day with the Professor transcribing music, playing Sitar, and eating traditional Indian food.

Tuning of the Sitar with Professor Veena Chandra


For my next experience, I volunteered at a local Veterinarian clinic, Greenfield Animal Hospital which is run by Skidmore Alumni Ashley Serfis. I was able to observe how a vet practice is run and was able to help by walking the dogs, holding animals for blood draws, and scrubbing in to observe surgeries. The convenient location of being 10 minutes away from Skidmore allowed me to drive there after summer classes to help the vet technicians. The atmosphere and experience in the surgical room is something I will carry with me when pursuing my career in medicine.

During my time back on Long Island, I was able to job shadow under Dr. Hundert at his medical practice in Little Neck, NY. Dr. Hundert had been a resident under my grandfather, who was a surgeon, so I saw it only fitting that I be able to learn from him. My internship started off with strictly shadowing the doctors but as I became more acclimated, I was able to chart patient lab results, perform EKGs, give breathing tests, and seeing patients to their rooms. I was also able to shadow under Dr. Linden and Dr. Mastrangelo at the office. Lastly, I followed around the nurse practitioners to learn the entire scope of the patient experience in the doctor’s office.

I feel overjoyed to have had the opportunity to experience such a breadth of internships that solidified my interests in both medicine and music. I was able to find all these experiences by determination and reaching out to those around me. Not all of my original choices were a success, but I am so glad I didn’t give up and was able to find something that was perfect for me.

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