Talha Bin Fahim ’21 Summer Internship at AXA Advisors LLC., Manhattan, New York City, NY.


Talha Bin Fahim Summer Internship at AXA Advisors LLC., Manhattan, New York City

My name is Talha Bin Fahim. I am a rising junior from Pakistan pursuing a Business-Economics double major. This summer began with me working in New York city working for one of the world’s largest financial corporations: AXA. For me, this journey started about a year ago when I took my first course in financial accounting. Since then, I have worked for numerous clubs and organizations including the Skidmore Investment Club to being a member of Budget and Finance committee for the Student Government Association of Skidmore. However, this internship was unique for me because it marked my first experience in the corporate world – A world I could not afford to dream about a few years back. As the head intern for AXA Advisors in the Manhattan branch, I was responsible for investment analysis, case preparation, delegating responsibilities to interns and assisting with marketing and recruiting.

I started out this internship with a lot of ambition and dedication. I had realized before my internship even began that I was highly fortunate to have been provided an opportunity to excel in my field of interest; so, I used this avenue to bring out into the world my skills for leadership, innovation and perseverance. After an extensive 10-week internship, I am delighted with the progress I have made on both a professional and personal scale. I was one of the first interns to join the 2019 AXA summer interns. I took this as a potential opportunity to mark a favorable impression with my immediate supervisors and to seek a personal mentor relationship with my boss. This turned out remarkably well because I was able to hear valuable insights and freely discuss my career prospects with my seniors in AXA. Throughout my time interning at AXA Advisors, I learnt a great deal about professional networking, interview tips and highly informative knowledge about how the stock market and various financial departments work.

During my internship, I was initially tasked with basic responsibilities including finding potential clients through different databases and assisting in the recruiting process. Personally, I did not find the work as challenging as I would have liked it to be and constantly looked-for avenues to challenge myself. As I consider hard work, leadership and technical analysis to be one of my strongest virtues, I looked for platforms within the AXA network where I could expand on my skills. I requested my supervisor to adjust my schedule so I could attend a training workshop held by the Vice President of AXA Advisors for junior financial advisors. There, I learnt a great deal of technical information regarding insurance policies, tax efficient methods and understanding the stock market. Meanwhile, I worked closely with my boss to come up with efficient ways to track progress and improve the quality of work. Impressed by my innovation and dedication, I was tasked with more responsibilities including training upcoming interns and supervising their tasks, which I gladly accepted. As the youngest summer intern for AXA, becoming the supervisor for my fellow interns was really humbling and a matter of great pride for me.

Looking back at my summer internship, I feel proud of what I have accomplished in such a short tenure and it makes me optimistic of what I can achieve if I continue to pursue my dream of becoming an investment banker with full dedication and perseverance. I am beyond grateful to Skidmore Career Development Center for having given me the opportunity to pursue my dreams.

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