Welcome Back S-Rep Team!

Leandra Cooper & Skids
Leandra "Coop" Cooper and Skidmore's Mascot pose duing the Big Green Scream 2011!

Tomorrow marks the official start of training for the Sustainability Reps who will work with the Sustainable Skidmore Office for this academic year!  You may know them as Eco-Reps, but we have changed the name to S-Reps to reflect that they are staff within the Sustainable Skidmore Office and will be carrying out programs that touch on all of the pieces of sustainability, not just the environment!  That means the inclusion of equity and economy as a part of the education!

S-Reps are second-year students who will work both independently and with other student leaders like Res Life staff and Peer Health Educators in the buildings that they live in to carry out programs and education related to sustainability.  Each residence hall on campus has one S-Rep, except for Jonsson Tower, which has 2.  The students who have agreed to take on this position and responsibility are:

Jane Li:  Howe

Margot Reisner:  Wilmarth

Eliza Sherpa:  McClellan

Shanna Williamson:  Jonsson Tower

Amber Plante:  Jonson Tower

Eva Hagan:  Rounds

Joe Marto: Wiecking

Jeremy Rosen:  Penfield

Jon Markowitz: Kimball

Allison O’Keeffe:  Wait

Tessa Leverone:  S-Rep Student Manager

It will be great to have them on board for the year, and I’m looking forward to spending the next few days with them!  For some additional information about the program, or if you are interested in a volunteer position to help support this, check out:  http://cms.skidmore.edu/sustainability/ecorep/index.cfm.

About Riley Neugebauer

I am the Sustainability Coordinator for Skidmore College! A large part of my job is to carry out programs that promote sustainability at Skidmore, and help to educate others about the meaning of sustainability (which includes ecology, equity, and economy). The Sustainable Skidmore Office works on lots of exciting topics such as local food, renewable energy, energy efficiency, residence hall programming, education, and youth leadership development!

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