2013-2014 Academic Year Job Opportunity: Residential Composting Student Manager

Residential Composting Student Manager

Location: Skidmore College

Term:  2013-14 Academic Year

Pay: $8.50/hour, 3-4 hours/week


There are 2 compost manager positions available, and each will be 3-4 hours per week, based at Skidmore College.  Primary responsibilities of the Compost Manager will be to work with the Sustainable Skidmore office, the Environmental Action Club, and students that live in the apartment villages on campus, specifically North Woods Village Apartments.  The student will manage the process of distribution of buckets at the beginning of the academic year, pickup of buckets at the end of the academic year, cleaning of the buckets, transporting buckets from the apartment buildings to the compost bin, turning of the compost pile, data collection, education, and annual surveying of the students in the apartments to assess their perspective on the composting program.  The Compost Managers will report to Levi Rogers, Sustainability Fellow.


  • Coordinate closely with the Sustainable Skidmore Office and the Environmental Action Club regarding the composting program and how it is going, any challenges or ideas, feedback from students, etc.
  • Help to provide training and management of volunteers associated with EAC or from elsewhere on campus, and who are interested to support the compost program in the apartments, set specific times for collection and pile-turning and bucket cleaning each week and communicate with volunteers about that
  • Maintain the buckets to ensure odors can be managed as effectively as possible
  • Manage the collection of data (weight by apartment building, weight/volume of finished compost, temperature readings) and ensure it is done consistently each week during pickup and is added to the spreadsheet with the rest of the information
  • Turn the pile each week to ensure the quality of the compost, and work with Sustainable Skidmore to make sure there is enough carbon (leaves, manure) near the pile to mix with the food waste immediately after dumping it to help with issues such as odors and rodents
  • Utilize the bike composting system to handle the transportation of the food waste to the bin, and provide feedback to Sustainable Skidmore on how it is working, put any equipment such as bikes and bike trailers back into the storage shed when finished
  • Administer a Spring semester survey to all North Woods residents in conjunction with Sustainable Skidmore to gather data on the changes over time from residents in the apartments in regards to the program
  • Propose programming ideas or workshops and educational materials that can be used to approach Res Life staff to help engage their residents who may not all be participating
  • Help organize volunteers for a second bin-building activity for a bin at the end of the North Woods Lot


  • Previous experience with composting on campus
  • Self-starter
  • Submission of interest letter, resume, and two references (at least one Skidmore faculty/staff)

Please Submit Materials by 3/3/2013

with Compost Manager Application as the Subject Line to:

Sustainable Skidmore @ sustainability@skidmore.edu

Candidates will be notified by April 1st, 2013 in regards to their application and top candidates may be asked for interviews prior to their hire.

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