Sustainable Gowns Offered at Skidmore College Commencement

Featuring fiber from sustainably managed forests, biodegradable fabric, and a Student Give-Back Program, the Elements Collection allows graduates to reduce their environmental impact during this year’s graduation ceremony. The Elements Collection has been scientifically proven to be completely biodegradable. Containing 57% biobased content by weight, the Elements Collection significantly exceeds the USDA’s certification minimum of 25%. Gown zippers and zipper tape are made from 100% recycled PET, and even the packaging contains ECM BioFilms, a material designed to facilitate the decomposition process.

The Elements Collection also gives graduates the opportunity to donate to an environmental sustainability project. Each Elements gown contains a unique code that can be entered online at The Elements Collection Give-Back Program page. For every code entered, Jostens donates $1 to an environment sustainability organtiztion. As of today, Jostens has donated at total of  $22,329 to environmental organizations.

Thanks to the long-term relationship between Skidmore College and Jostens, the Elements products were very affordable, leading Skidmore to decide to exclusively offer the Elements Collections at The Skidmore Shop.  “While they may not be the ultimate solution, I do believe they are much better alternative than the previous polyester garments. We will be re-evaluating our cap and gown program this summer; there are certainly many different options available now than there were a few years ago,” said Jon Neil, Associate Director of Business Services, Skidmore Shop.

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