Congratulations and Good Luck to Our Graduating Seniors

Back Row L-R: Hulwa Khaleel, Jakob Roze, Sondra Lipshutz, Gabby Stern, Jessica Street, Jaya Borgatta, Z Steinhauer, Karin Obaid, Meredith Mayer, Evan Nathan, Katie Kuklewicz, Joe Marto, Sarah Risley, Alex Barber. Front Row L-R: John Crisan, Rachel Willis, Riley Neugebauer, Levi Rogers and Cohen the Dog.

Sustainable Skidmore celebrated its student staff, interns, and volunteers by hosting a Sustainability BBQ in April at the gazebo at Haupt Pond on the Skidmore campus.    Graduating seniors who have worked with Sustainable Skidmore were included in the group, and deserve special recognition:  Sondra Lipshutz, Gabby Stern, Z Steinhauer, Karin Obaid, Meredith Mayer, Sarah Risley and Alex Barber.  Other outstanding seniors who are not pictured:  Talia Arnow, Hannah Greendorfer, Charlotte Levy, Gwyn Harris, Prince Moses, Mimi Netter, Dan Raudonis, Lauren Markram, Steph Seidmon, Rachel Dance, Haley Duncan, Matt Tatkow, and Megan Mulone.  We are very grateful for the many amazing students who we have had the opportunity to work with during their time at Skidmore, and we wish the seniors who recently graduated the best of luck!

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