Sustainable Skidmore sees new structural changes

RachelLeviShotFor the past several months, a group of us at Skidmore have been looking closely at the structure of our Sustainable Skidmore Office with an eye on improving support for the office and for our sustainability efforts more broadly. We are very pleased to announce that after significant consultation with various individuals and groups on and off campus, we have completed our evaluation of the office and moved forward quickly with several changes.

The first significant change is that Rachel Willis and Levi Rogers, our two Sustainability Fellows who have been carrying the Sustainable Skidmore office for the past several months, have both been promoted to Sustainability Coordinators. These promotions not only acknowledge the skills, knowledge, leadership, and commitment that Rachel and Levi have already so clearly demonstrated, but the increase from one to two Sustainability Coordinators serves as another indication of Skidmore’s commitment to sustainability.

Rachel and Levi will join Mike Hall, Special Assistant to the Vice President for Finance and Administration, and Karen Kellogg, Associate Dean of the Faculty for Infrastructure, Sustainability, and Civic Engagement, on a core team focused on advancing sustainability at the College. This team will, of course, work closely with all the other individuals and groups who are working hard to elevate sustainability at Skidmore, including Student Affairs, Facilities Services, Dining Services, Purchasing, Advancement, Admissions, the Campus Sustainability Subcommittee, the Environmental Action Club, the Student Sustainability Committee of SGA, and many, many others.

Levi attended The University of New Hampshire where he earned a BS in Environmental Conservation, focusing on policy and sustainable agriculture, and later earned his MBA in Sustainability at Antioch University New England. During his time at UNH, Levi developed his interests in agriculture more fully by helping to manage the UNH Organic Garden and to conserve local farmlands. While earning his MBA, Levi developed expertise in energy-related projects and also conducted an in-depth examination of the most common sustainability challenges facing institution of higher education. While at Skidmore, Levi has elevated the visibility of sustainability through his communication efforts and has provided leadership on a variety of projects including our green office program, the student garden, the bike share program, and more.

Rachel graduated with a Bachelor’s in Environmental Science from Allegheny College. As a student she shaped her studies, activities, and lifestyle to help lead Allegheny in reaching its goal ofd carbon neutrality by 2020. As the Director of Sustainability for Student Government, she was able to create a coordinating committee for all parties involved in and concerned by sustainability initiatives, including Residence Life, Dining Services, Facilities, Faculty members, and representatives from student groups on campus. At Skidmore, Rachel has already demonstrated her ability to bring various stakeholders together around a common goal and has initiated, revised, and implemented a variety of campus projects, including Give+Go, an overhaul of our waste system, our S-Rep program, and more.

You can learn more about Rachel and Levi at our revised Sustainable Skidmore Office web page, and you’ll be hearing much more about the work of our sustainability team in upcoming bulletins.

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