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Levi Rogers- Sustainability Fellow

Levi attended The University of New Hampshire where he earned a BS in Environmental Conservation, focusing on sustainable agriculture, and later attended Antioch University New England where he earned his MBA in Sustainability. He focused his graduate work on sustainability in higher education institutions, specifically identifying common barriers to sustainability and strategies to overcome these challenges. He has worked as a project consultant for the City of Keene, NH and as a marketing consultant for a small chain restaurant in New Hampshire. While at Skidmore, Levi will be working on communications initiatives for Sustainable Skidmore, developing a green office program for the campus, working with the composting program and student garden, minimizing the impact of campus community transportation, working with the subcommittee for responsible citizenship, and working with students to help implement new projects, and providing educational opportunities for facilities.

Rachel Willis- Sustainability Fellow

Rachel recently graduated with a Bachelor’s in Environmental Science from Allegheny College. As a student, she served as the Director of Sustainability for Student Government and was able to create a coordinating committee for all parties involved and concerned by sustainability initiatives, including staff, faculty, and students. Since Allegheny has the goal of becoming a 100% residential college, she incorporated sustainability into the residential halls and became the first resident advisor for the Green Living community. Additionally, she focused her senior thesis on creating and implementing a comprehensive methods guide for the green living community, focusing on sustainable features in the community, expectations of the residents, and outreach and visibility on campus.

She is excited to continue advancing similar initiatives here at Skidmore and working with students, faculty, and staff. Here, she will be in charge of the S-Rep program, creating a sustainability tour of campus, helping conservation efforts on campus with the North Woods Stewards and the Conservation Corps.

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  1. Levis, Desiree Palmateer said you might have students that would be interested in helping us out . We are planting thousands of annuals at 779 nbway next to the presidents house Friday- Saturday we are looking for about 30-40 people. It pays 11 hr and they can come anytime and for any length we start both days at 9 . Many thanks Garrett

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