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This week consisted of lots of theaterĀ and adventures! Here’s the breakdown:

BALLYTURK at the National Theater

Probably one the whackiest things I’ve ever seen on stage. While I did enjoy a stellar performance from Cillian Murphy, I had a hard time following what exactly was going on since there was no concrete plot to it. I hadn’t felt that confused and frustrated since I saw David Lynch’s Eraserhead. Oh well, at least they threw in some fun 80s synth-pop songs for me to enjoy. Like I said, it was pretty whacky.

AUTOBAHN at The King’s Head Theater

Located in Islington, this “theater” was actually just a stage space in the back of a pub. The intimate setting worked well for the show, but with no set change and twenty minutes of pure dialogue per act, this was a difficult show to sit through. Still, it was fun to see the British actors pull through with semi-convincing American accents! We had an interesting Q&A with the director and an American actress, both were BADA alums.


After the show I was completely speechless and even now I’m finding a hard time describing how incredible this performance was. Gillian Anderson as Blanche DuBois owned the stage like queen and brought me to tears when there was still a solid half hour left of the play. Ben Foster gave a convincing performance as Stanley and had quite unique chemistry with British actress Vanessa Kirby, who played Stella (& who two years ago I saw as Masha in Three Sisters at the very same theater!). The set design was just gorgeous. The stage actually spun so audiences were able to see all sides of the set. This show took my breath away. Getting Foster and Anderson’s autographs at the end was just the cherry on top.


Moving along to some of the fun adventures I had!


Tea + Cats = one happy Mirella. This place was ADORABLE! Each visitor is granted a 2 hour visiting session. The room is designed so that the cats can sleep up top on shelves and come play with us down below. Some were more playful than others, like Loki, a black cat (who has a twin!) who loved to be brushed. The staff were all very kind and willing to introduce us to the cats and help us to interact with them. In between bites of my bagel I could just reach down and give one of the cats a good scratch behind the ears. Needless to say, I will be making my return visit soon.








On friday evening one of my classmates from Greece brought us to this lovely Greek restaurant right by the Globe Theater. From then on we adventured around the Southbank, one of London’s most iconic areas. There, we discovered a surprisingly fun adult carnival. None of us were brave enough for the tall spinning ride which you can see from all the way on the other side of the river. I’m sure one of us will be crazy enough to do it someday.

Yummy Greek salad!

Yummy Greek salad!


On Sunday I was determined to adventure to the “countryside” of London. Located just north Camden Town, Hampstead Heath is a gorgeous escape from the urban feel of Central London. The brick pathways and weeping willows made me feel as if I were somewhere else entirely. Rather than choosing to stick to the main path I decided to turn onto a trail which lead me all the way to a beautiful lake in Highgate. Eventually, I found my way over to Kenwood House, the once beautiful home of cousins Dido Belle and Lady Elizabeth Mansfield. The home is now a free museum and has stunning portraits from painters like Veneer and John Singer Sargent, an Art History students dream!



Sadly, I don’t have enough content for a food section this week. Because we ended up seeing so much theater I had no choice but to eat on the go, which consisted of lots and lots of Chipotle. I have no regrets.

xx Mirella

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  1. When you come visit we should go to the cat shelter Largo di Torre Argentina!

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