Chocolate Love is the New Black

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Hi loves, this was a great week for food. The theater this week was very thought provoking and politically charged. Here’s the breakdown!


Going into this show the only things were world told were the following:

  • 2hrs and 30mins, no intermission
  • German with English subtitles
  • Written by Henrick Ibsen

Ho lawrdy.

After one exhausting week of theater, our group wasn’t quite sure we were ready for this one. When the actors first came on stage we were greeted with a live acoustic version of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”. Apparently, the main character and his wife are in a band. I’m still trying to figure out how this all fits with the story. Despite difficulties in keeping up with the subtitles, the plot seemed fairly simple and Erin Brockovich-y. The main character has discovered that the town’s baths, a main source of income for the people, is polluted.

The show then took an interesting turn. Once we were well informed enough about the issue at hand, the lights opened up and turned the dilemma over to us, the audience. Normally I don’t like shows that break the fourth wall and command audience participation, but this was a unique source of entertainment I was not expecting. What began as an argument over pollution and taxes turned into a feud about truth, deception, and Scotland. The audience rallied back and forth between shouting out their distrust of the media regarding the Scottish vote and bashing the Prime Minister. One man blew our minds away when he asked when Sesame Street was going to be back on.

Oh, politics.

Overall, the second half of this show was the most enjoyable. I admired the director’s choices when it came to how the actors interacted with the set and listening to the rapid German every time something dramatic happened.

RICHARD III at Trafalgar Studios

With Martin Freeman as the lead and a 1970s setting, I was ecstatic for this show. Trafalgar Transformed deconstructs Shakespeare like nobody’s business. They managed to keep the entire show set in one office space and not once did I find it needed to change. But, I wouldn’t say the set was the selling point of this show. The actors really deserve all the credit. Having not read Richard III prior to the performance, it wasn’t that difficult for me to grasp what was going on. Even at times when I did get lost, the actors were so exciting to watch. Martin, though comical at times, was nothing less than terrifying even when he was comedic. Even though I was rooting for Queen Elizabeth (played by the magnificent Gina McKee) the whole time, I did mind myself falling under Richard’s spell. On the whole, it was a stellar performance from everyone.



Brick Lane: this was one of the first places that made me fall in love with London. It has a similar vibe to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There are endless options for food and vintage clothing stores: Blitz is one of the best. More on the food later!    

Camden Town: in an older post I mentioned the Lock Market, but at the start of it there is a wonderful section which features food from all over the world…and a few guilty pleasures.

Covent Garden: a beautiful little shopping district right near Leicester Square. It’s where I found the gem Chez Antoinette. More about that down below!


  • Speedy’s near Euston Square: as made famous by BBC/PBS Sherlock! Their breakfast selection really does live up to all the hype!
  • Beigel Bake on Brick Lane: even Long Island doesn’t have 24 hour bagel places. This place is incredible. Hot bagels are constantly being cranked out by the minute. Did I mention you can get one for a measly 25p? Yes, sometimes the world is a beautiful place.
  • Clipper on Brick Lane: if you want the best Indian food, Brick Lane in a must. A rep from each restaurant will stand outside and fight for like an auction item to come in. I ended up getting a great deal just by pondering the menu for 30 seconds.
  • Dark Sugars on Brick Lane: come on down and treat yo self to some chocolate love. Apparently, that’s what they’re all made of. If the sweet smell of the store isn’t enough to convince you that it’s heaven, I don’t know what will.
  • Chin Chin Labs in Camden Town: Liquid. Nitrogen. Ice Cream. That is all. But seriously, it’s amazing. It’s all made to order and you even get to watch the process!
  • Chez Antoinette in Covent Garden: this beautiful little French restaurant just opened a few months ago, and I think it will be around for a long time to come! I split a lovely cheese platter with my friends as a starter and had a delicious ricotta and prosciutto pate for lunch. Wonderful service. Wonderful food. It’s like being in Paris and not having to leave London!


Chocolate love!

Chocolate love!

The ice cream process

The ice cream process

The final result!

The final result!

Mackenzie's excited

You never know what you’ll find in Camden

The cheese-tastic starter

The cheese-tastic starter



Beautiful exterior

Beautiful exterior

That’s all lovelies! Cheers!

xx Mirella


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