La Dolce Vita (Part 2)

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As promised, here’s part 2 of my adventures in Italy!


After a four and a half hour train ride from Rome I finally arrived in Venice at around midnight. Because I was too stubborn to figure out how the water taxi system works, I decided to walk to the place I was staying at. This wasn’t a bad idea, just an ambitious one. I knew I’d have to trek through lots of staircases and puddles to get there and it would take about a half hour, but I was up to the challenge.

Even in the dark, I knew I would love Venice.

I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a single soul out on the street! It was a little eerie having to go down lots of narrow alleyways alone in the dark, but it felt perfectly safe. Later I would learn that most people would be chilling out at San Marco Square during the night, but even so, Venice is a city which sleeps at night.

In the morning, it is greeted by lots and lots of water.

When I headed down to San Marco Square I was shocked and amazed to see people walking through knee deep water. I finally caved and decided to buy myself a pair of boots. In my first few hours I learned that Venice is a city of seeing, not doing. There was no need to go to any museums or even visit any of the other islands. I had such a wonderful time taking pictures of every gondola that I saw or stepping into each church I passed by. I was so taken back by the sights in Venice that I even decided to buy a film Kodak camera so I could have prints of all the pictures I took!











During my last night in Venice I knew I couldn’t leave without a gondola ride, so I decided to splurge my 30 euros for a ride with my 2 friends. Needles to say, it was magical and a perfect way to end my stay in Venice, a city I hope to someday visit, perhaps when its a little less rainy and flooded.


Venice at night!

Venice at night!

Still magical.

Still magical.


My decision to travel to San Marino, a country in the middle of Italy, was a little random. I remember learning about it in Italian class last year and felt that it would be fun to go. Getting there was a journey. From Venice I took a train to Bologna, which I would spent the night in, then from there a train to Rimini, and then it was a 30 min drive to the heart of San Marino. This city’s biggest sights were its castles. I remember Google Image-ing photos of it and was excited to see these majestic buildings….except the city was entirely covered in fog. It was like a cloud had eaten it. But I let my optimism shine through. The fog had created such a beautiful effect on the whole city, I once again saw this as a wonderful opportunity to take lots of photos. There was even a Museum of Vampires, which was pretty goofy, but it totally fit with the gothic feel of the city.





By the time it grew dark, I knew it was time to head back to Bologna, where delicious food waited for me.


Wandering the streets of Bologna at 9pm, I was hungry for a good meal. I was determined to have the mouthwatering dish we Americans call pasta with “Bolognese Sauce,” which there is simply called “Ragu.” Luckily, I was successful on my first night. My excited waitress recommended to me all kinds of amazing things. My the end of my meal I was so stuffed, I was convinced I didn’t need to eat for another year.



The next day brought more food possibilities. I had an afternoon train back to Rome to catch, but I knew I would still have time to squeeze in one more meal. When I arrived at the city centre I was blown away by the beauty of so many majestic buildings. Bologna is home to the fifth biggest church in the whole world! Seeing it was breathtaking. It was nice knowing that the city had more to offer than really good meat sauce!     

The church

The church

photo (10)

photo (9)

My last day of vacation was spent in Rome, which I wrote about in my previous entry. I was sad to leave Italy, however, I did miss London. There were things about London I grew to miss. It was really interesting to visit another country while living in London for almost 3 months, because when I returned back to London, it wasn’t like it was just going to another country, but going back home.

It’s crazy to think that I have less than a month left in London. Because Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated here, everyone is all ready for Christmas. Markets and fairs and lights have already gone up! Stay tuned for some more London adventures next time!

xx Mirella    

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