Target Article: Moss-Racusin, C. A., Phelan, J. E., & Rudman, L. A. (2010). When men break the gender rules: Status incongruity and backlash against modest men. Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 11, 140-151.

Video Summary: A male professor (Kevin) gets upset with a male graduate student (Peter) for behaving modestly, rather than being assertive and self-promoting. In particular, Peter says he would prefer a career in teaching rather than in research, which upsets Kevin. Kevin then discusses revoking the Peter’s travel award with another male professor (John).

Suggested Discussion Questions:

  • Why was Kevin so dismissive of and rude towards Peter?
  • If Peter were a woman, would Kevin have acted the same way, or been more supportive?
  • Do gender stereotypes always help men? Do you think this conversation will harm Peter’s career?
  • What could Kevin have done differently?
  • What are Peter’s options in this situation? Is there anything he could say or do to protect his reputation and/or address Kevin’s behavior?