Target Article: Heilman, M. E., & Okimoto, T. G. (2008). Motherhood: a potential source of bias in employment decisions. Journal of Applied Psychology, 93, 189-198.

Video Summary: A female professor (Eve) thinks a pregnant job candidate (Ria) will not be dedicated to her work after having her child, even though Ria indicates that her husband will do most of the childcare. Eve does not believe that Ria’s husband will feel fulfilled taking care of the baby. A female graduate student (Sarah) is unsettled upon learning that Eve did not hire Ria because of her pregnancy.

Suggested Discussion Questions:

  • Why did Eve react so negatively towards Ria? Was this fair?
  • Is it surprising that Eve was biased against Ria? Why or why not?
  • In what way was Eve also rude to Ria’s husband? Why did Eve assume the husband would not be fulfilled when taking care of a newborn?
  • How might Eve’s reaction to Ria have negatively affected Sarah? What sort of message was Eve conveying?