Target Article: Rudman, L. A., & Glick, P. (1999). Feminized management and backlash towards agentic women: The hidden costs to women of a kindler, gentler image of middle managers. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 77, 1004-1010.

Video Summary: A female graduate student (Chen) and male graduate student (Kee Youn) are giving a joint presentation. A male professor (John) criticizes Chen for not behaving confidently, and for apologizing when a graph is confusing. Kee Youn behaves confidently and makes jokes during the presentation, and is well received. In a second presentation, Chen now tries to act in a similar manner to Kee Youn. However, Chen is now criticized for behaving arrogantly. Chen expresses her sense of being stuck in a Catch-22, and asks Kee Youn what she should do.

Suggested Discussion Questions:

  • Why did the audience react so positively towards Kee Youn and negatively towards Chen during the first presentation?
  • Why do you think Chen was so apologetic during the first presentation? Why was this viewed negatively?
  • Why did the audience react negatively towards Chen during the second presentation? Chen was behaving in a similar manner as Kee Youn, but her talk was not well received. Why?
  • What could Kee Youn have done differently to help Chen? Kee You went to talk with John by himself. Was this fair?
  • Would the best solution be for Kee Youn to take the lead on presentations from now on? What would that do to Chen’s career?