By Godfrey Godfada Smith (WSPN Reggae Show)

I have been hosting the WSPN Reggae Show continuously since June,1990. There is so much I could tell you about the station but I will keep it “short”. There was a time all we had were two turntables and two cassette players. Station promos and PSA’s were played on the now absolete 8 track tapes From day one till now my show has always been Sunday at 12 noon. There were Sundays when if the next DJ did not show I would have to turn off the station (no auto broadcast). However, I usually refused to do that and I would continue playing for extra hours until the later DJ showed up. I have done more solo hours on WSPN than any other DJ in the station history. We used to have a relatively large vinyl record library until Skidmore College Security decided to expand and WSPN moved across the hall. I still remember the day we moved across the hall to a new and bigger space and updated equipment, including auto broadcast and internet broadcast.  WSPN has always had community DJs. I recalled some good ones who have come and gone or passed away. The Reggae show is second only to the Polka Magic show in terms of longevity. They started in 1985 with Happy Bob, who is still around. Over the years both shows have grown in popularity in Saratoga and elsewhere. I have collected and kept every available WSPN Program guides since 1992. I have got to know over 50 plus WSPN General Managers and Program Managers over the years. Prior to WSPN I was a reggae radio disc jockey on WRPI in Troy and WTBR in Pittsfield, MA. I have been a club and party reggae DJ since my early 20’s.   I joined WSPN after doing a radio interview with a Jamaican born Skidmore College student named Crystal Smith. At the time, in the mid 80s’, she hosted a reggae show on WSPN and suggested that I try to get a reggae show at the station. I did apply for a summer slot and got on and the rest is history. I have had a fun filled 27 years on WSPN and would love to see the station expand internationally via internet broadcast.

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