by Ethan Brazo

First and foremost, s/o Soulection. Without them, this article isn’t possible. Without them, some of my favorite jams wouldn’t exist. Soulection is more of an artist collection than label, based out of Los Angeles, California. With artists hailing from all corners of the globe, Soulection is taking the world by storm. I put together this list to put you on to some of the most slept on talent coming out of the Soulection camp. Let’s get into it:

1. Sángo: A French-Brazilian producer hailing from Seattle, Washington. His mastery behind the board has made him a frequent collaborator with Smino, a combination that never disappoints. Sángo brings Brazilian funk to smooth hip hop, adding a hard edge to otherwise floating melody. He can effortlessly fuse afro-Brazilian dance vibes with trance hip hop, constantly pushing the boundaries of production and proving himself as one of the most consistent dudes out there right now.

Songs to listen to:  BlkSwn, Sorbet, Pra Ela

2. Robb: Another Soulection beauty, this genius comes from Baltimore, Maryland. J.Robb drops remixes that will make you forget about the original song. His sound is soulful, yet gritty at the same time. He makes the hardest elevator music you’ll ever hear, where you feel like you’re in the waiting room of your local neighborhood trap house. J.Robb is the soul-trap pioneer.

Songs to listen to: Yodak Bellow, That’s Not Us

3. Monte Booker: Continuing Chicago’s grip over the culture is Monte Booker. Booker’s known for flipping songs and blending electronic elements with hip hop. A close confidant of Smino, the two have linked up for a couple timeless joints.

Songs to listen to: Kolors, Raindrop, Droptop, Swang

4. Coming from Los Angeles, California, Esta has been making his mark recently. Seamlessly switching between soul rattling trap and chillout house, Esta. is in a lane of his own. Continually growing from joint to joint, Esta. primed to take the next leap.

Songs to listen to: Freaky, Catalina Dea, Velour

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