By Caroline Coxe

The verdict is: A lot of people want to see the POTUS get creamed in a fight.

Honorable mentions are bolded.

I’d like to see Billie Joe Armstrong get punched in the face by Seal. Seal would win.

Michael Cera and the car from Back To the Future. Who would win? Anyone who watched.

Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus. One can never forget the iconic and relevant “Miley, was good?” Nicki would destroy Miley ^_^

Kelly and the Olsen Twin. Olsen Twin would win because she can move so fast it appears as if there are two.

Nicki Minaj vs. Miley Cyrus- “Nicki hands down”

Poetry battle between Nikki Giovanni and Saul Williams

Tyler the Creator and Adam Sandler. They each have their own bizarre blend of childlike absurdity, and they’re both agents of chaos, so it’d be a wild fight. Tyler would win though, since Adam has gone soft over the years.

Elon Musk vs. Lavar Ball. Lavar would win no doubt, and also make millions in pay per view which he would immediately waste on making crappy speakers.

John Oliver vs. Donald Trump

Will Ferrel and Chad Smith because they look identical and it would be nearly impossible to discern who won and who lost

Dwayne Johnson vs. Jane Goudau

Tommy Wiseu vs. Donald Trump

John McCain vs. Gucci Mane

Hannah Montana vs. Miley Cyrus. In the best of both worlds they would both win.

Kanye vs. Kanye

Yoda vs. Kevin Costner. Depends on whether they use weapons or not.

Jack Black vs. Steve Carrell

CupcakKe vs. Tyler, The Creator

Iggy Pop’s Bird vs Kart Lagerfeld’s cat

Meryl Streep vs. Jodie Foster

I would love to see Michelle Obama kick off her heels and beat Jeff Sessions with one and Betsy DeVos with the other

Ellen vs. Reese Witherspoon

Sufjan Stevens vs. Marina Abramovíc

Dr. Phil and a tub of Dr. Pepper. The delicious blend of 23 unique flavors.

Brad Williams and “The Rock”

Bernie Sanders vs. John Cena

Eric Andre vs. Betty White’s character on Community

Roadrunner vs. Harry Houdini. It would be a stalemate

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, she should whoop his ass

John Oliver and Donald Trump, John Oliver wins

Oscar the Grouch vs. the mouse in Cinderella. The mouse would win because Oscar is too lazy.

Cardi B vs Taylor Swift… Bartier Cardi Obviously!

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown. I don’t care who winds as long as they’re both pummeled.

Steve Buscemi and Ariana Grande. In theory, Grande would win a physical fight thanks to her heels and dangerously long hair, but emotionally, Buscemi’s Grumpy Cat eyes might give him the edge.

Gigi Hadid and Lana Del Rey. Lana Del Rey always wins.

Rihanna curb stomping Shawn Mendes. Rihanna always wins.

Martha Stewart and Guy Fieri, Martha wins.

Carrot Top vs Clone of Carrot Top. Winner: Carrot top ( but which one?) Loser: Anyone who has to watch that fight.

That guy from “when life gives you lemons” vine and Simon Cowell. The vine guy would win.

Airbud vs Lassie but they aren’t fighting they’re just shooting hoops and saving kids from wells.

Kirby vs. Windows 98

Karl Marx vs. Adam Smith (KM would win. YOU SEEN THAT GUY?!)

DMX and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Donald Trump and Mike Tyson (1990s Tyson, go for the ear)

Drake and Josh

Nell Mittelstead vs. Cat Dog (Nell would win cuz she’s smart but CatDog might give her some trouble)

Paris Hilton vs. Nicole Richie, neither wins.

BB-8 vs. The Zodiac Killer (BB-8 wins probably because she’s a killer robot)

Beyonce vs. Obama. Is it even a question who would win?

Hawaiian Iz vs. Bald Britney Spears. It would be a tense battle but Iz would prevail.

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