By Kallie Dell’Olio

Summer at WSPN is a liminal space. Operations both speed up and slow down. People spend more hours in the station than usual but less people come through as a whole. In short – it’s nice but wonky, from the perspective of someone for whom the majority of their time at WSPN has been spent in short bouts, rushing in from the cold to check on equipment, attend a meeting, or sub a show.

In contrast to the constricted winter WSPN vibe, summertime is the time for boom-boxes playing radio hits at beach parties and barbecues. Events become all-day extravaganzas. And so does our programming – a lot of our DJs take 2 to upwards of 4 hour shifts.

I’ve been kind of digging this long-form style of musical programming. It gives listeners the option to just set the dial and check out of their channel-surfing duties so they can do what they have to do, knowing they’ll have the right backdrop for their day. Which is totally rad in my book.

What do you all think? Leave a comment to help us inform scheduling for the future: Does this long-stretch of similar-style music appeal to you or should we be scheduling more diverse styles in between each other? Are you already mourning the summer as we slowly seep into fall?

Happy DJ’ing!

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