Ajani Otieno-Rudek

General Manager

Hometown: Boston, MA
DJ Name: DJ AJ
Show Name: Pass The Mic
First Time Slot: Sunday 3-4 PM
Favorite Artist Yesterday: Notorious B.I.G.
Favorite Artist Today: Stevie Wonder
Favorite Artist Tomorrow: Robert Glasper
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 1:00- 3:00

Head Music Director

Hometown: New York, NY
DJ Name: DJ Linguini
Show Name: Now That’s What I Call a Bop
First Time Slot: Friday 2-3 PM
Favorite Artist Yesterday: The Velvet Underground
Favorite Artist Today: Little Simz
Favorite Artist Tomorrow: Kevin Morby
Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 2:00-4:00pm, Friday 5:00-7:00pm

Sarah Lindner |

Music Director

Hometown: Arlington, MA
DJ Name: DJ cold pants
Show Name: Babes of the Beat
Favorite Time Slot: 3-4 PM Saturday
Favorite Artist Yesterday: Odetta
Favorite Artist Today: Adrianne Lenker 
Favorite Artist Tomorrow: Sidney Gish

Office Hours: Monday 2:30-3:30 and Tuesday 12-2/1-3

Sophia Helmkamp |

Music Director 

Hometown: Maplewood, NJ
DJ Name: DJ Shelmet Girl
Show Name: Enjoy Right Now, Tomorrow
Favorite Time Slot: Monday 10-11 PM
Favorite Artist Yesterday: Kevin Abstract
Favorite Artist Today: Tyler, The Creator/ The Drums
Favorite Artist Tomorrow: Kid Smoko

Office Hours: 

El Buchanan |

Music Director 

DJ Name:
Show Name:
Favorite Time Slot:
Favorite Artist Yesterday:
Favorite Artist Today:
Favorite Artist Tomorrow:

Zachary Troyanovski


Hometown: New York City
DJ Name: DJ Troy
Show Name: Walking Home Alone Again
Favorite Time Slot: Saturday 2-4 AM
Favorite Artist Yesterday: Car Seat Headrest
Favorite Artist Today: IDLES
Favorite Artist Tomorrow: David Berman (Silver Jews and Purple Mountains)

Kallie Dell’Olio

Technical Director

Hometown: New York, NY
DJ Name: DJ Kat In The Hat
Show Name: Clown Shoes Nonsense
Favorite Time Slot: Monday, 10-11AM
Favorite Artist Yesterday: Carole King
Favorite Artist Today: Sammy Rae
Favorite Artist Tomorrow: Lawrence

Office Hours: Monday 2:45-3:45, Thursday 1-2

Felix Freeland


Assistant Technical Director

Hometown: New York, NY
DJ Name: DJ Slims
Show Name:
Favorite Time Slot: 12-2 AM
Favorite Artist Yesterday: My Bloody Valentine
Favorite Artist Today: JPEGMAFIA
Favorite Artist Tomorrow: Playboi Carti
Office Hours: Monday 2:45-3:45

Ryan Accardi

Recording Room Director

Hometown: Boston, MA
DJ Name: DJ Nussbaum
Show Name: Wake n’ Shake
Favorite Time Slot: Saturday 12-2 AM
Favorite Artist Yesterday: Pile
Favorite Artist Today: Cuddle Magic
Favorite Artist Tomorrow: 100 Gecs

Gabe Espaillat

Promotions/PSA Director

Hometown: Bronx, NY
Show Name: ape not kill ape
Favorite Time Slot: Monday 10-12 AM
Favorite Artist Yesterday: Connan Mockasin
Favorite Artist Today: Black Midi
Favorite Artist Tomorrow: Captain Beefheart
Office Hours: Wednesday 3-5 PM

Charlotte Squire


Hometown: Portland, ME/ Denver, CO
Favorite Time Slot: Weekday Nights, 10-12
Favorite Artist Yesterday: Sidney Gish
Favorite Artist Today: The Modern Lovers
Favorite Artist Tomorrow: Joni Mitchell
Office Hours: Tuesday 2:00-4:00pm

Graphic Designer

Hometown: New York, NY
DJ Name: Lil Spaceheater
Show Name: Midnight Plumbers
Favorite Time Slot: 10 PM- 12AM
Favorite Artist Yesterday: Parquet Courts
Favorite Artist Today: Brittany Howard
Favorite Artist Tomorrow: Mid-Air Thief
Office Hours: Friday 2-4 PM

Henry Thomas


Hometown: Rhinebeck, NY
DJ Name: DJ Thelonious Funk
Show Name: The Return of Sunrise Benedict
Favorite Time Slot: Sunday 7-8
Favorite Artist Yesterday: The Kinks
Favorite Artist Today: Hailu Mergia
Favorite Artist Tomorrow: Otis Redding
Office Hours: Monday 10-12 AM

Arianna Cooper



Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
DJ Name: DJ Srirachachacha
Show Name: Mid-Album Crisis
First Time Slot: 10:00-12:00 PM
Favorite Artist Yesterday: Vampire Weekend
Favorite Artist Today: Toro y Moi
Favorite Artist Tomorrow: Sidney Gish
Office Hours: Tuesdays 10-12 AM

Olivia Arthen

Video Producer

Hometown: Northampton, MA
DJ Name: Spleen Queen
Show Name: Sugar and Spice and Everything
First Time Slot: Wednesday 9-10 AM
Favorite Artist Yesterday: Superorganism
Favorite Artist Today: Begonia
Favorite Artist Tomorrow: Sammy Rae
Office Hours: Thursday 4-6 PM

Carly Stirewalt

Events Coordinator

Hometown: New Paltz, NY
DJ Name: DJ Rubber Ducky
Show Name: Tubby Time
Favorite Time Slot: “A nice afternoon time slot is good for the soul!”
Favorite Artist Yesterday: Fugazi
Favorite Artist Today: Ought
Favorite Artist Tomorrow: Stevie Wonder
Office Hours: 

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